Hey! When I came into WHARF I was very difficult, WHARF was over run and I refused to get along with any cats. I attacked everyone I saw no matter what they were doing. One day they were fed up and threw me in with a bunch of kittens, but to their surprise I LOVE KITTENS!! I love to clean them, snuggle them, and play with them. I love people just as much as I love kittens. You can pick me up and ill hug you and start purring immediately. I’m a lap cat for sure, someone take me home please! I’m not good with big dogs (I scare them, they don’t scare me) but little dogs are fine. I’m spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and tattooed. Come meet me!

Age: 1 year
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: August 2018

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