I am the most romantic man in the world. All you need is love. I adore being on your lap where ever you are, and if your lap is unavailable, I’ll find some crevice of your body to curl into. When we aren’t cuddling, I love to watch you with curiosity and see what you’re doing. If you catch me watching you, I will stare deeply into you’re eyes with adoration. I’m gentle, and I love to love you. I’m also a gentleman- I don’t bite, scratch, or hiss even around other cats or kids. I will always turn the other cheek. I listen well and I keep my pad clean. I’m a softy and I’m looking for a home that is full of love.

Age: 1 year
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: April 2019
Adoption Fee: $180
Personality: Affectionate

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