Hank is a seven month old, neutered, pot-bellied big. He is a pet! He will only be adopted to an approved home where bylaw allows pet pigs. This does not include Edmonton, Sherwood Park or St Albert. You will have to check your local bylaws to see if Hank is allowed in your home!

Here are some questions you should know the answers to before inquiring on Hank:

  1. Does your municipality allow the keeping of pet pigs?
  2. How big do mini, micro and teacup pigs really grow?
  3. What type of housing do pigs require?
  4. Are pigs compatible with other pets?
  5. What do pigs eat? What should you feed to pigs?
  6. Do you have access to suitable veterinary care in your community?
  7. Is hoof and tusk trimming really necessary for pet pigs?
  8. How do you transport a pig? Do you know how to humanely catch a pig and get it into a vehicle?
  9. How do you potty train a pig, and what do you do with all that pig poo?
  10. What costs should you consider?

Apply to Adopt

Read this article from the BC SPCA: https://spca.bc.ca/news/mini-pigs/

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