Fletcher – ADOPTED (My Current Vet Bill is $4265)

I am adopted but my vet bill is outstanding.

This boy is Fletcher. He’s had a rough start to his life. Hes about 5 months old skin and bones and now an amputee. A lady named Steph helps rescue animals in Saskatchewan and she received a call about a pup that had been laying in a ditch for 5 days. Steph drove out and rescued Fletcher. He had been hit by a car and both front legs were so severely damaged that he dragged himself into the ditch and strived to stay alive hoping someone would help him. He also didn’t eat or drink for 5 days and he was already so skinny and so cold. Steph took him to the nearest vet where they stabilized him until we could find transport. Fletcher couldn’t move his front legs and one leg was shredded and his bones and nerves were exposed. Once we got Fletcher we took him straight to Crestwood vet Clinic. After assessment and x-rays the vets came to the conclusion one leg had to be amputated as his bone was too exposed and he had broken his humerus bone. It was unfixable. His other front leg had a fracture but luckily for Fletch it could be fixed. He went into surgery and it went really well. He is now in recovery and being very well taken care of. We have a lot of thank yous that all helped in Fletchers rescue. Steph, Kathy, all the staff at Crestwood Vet and Lisa – Fletchers foster home. His recovery is going to be a long one but well worth it. We will post updates as they come in. If you would like to help out with Fletchers vet bills it would be greatly appreciated. You can donate through our Facebook, paypal on our website or e-transfer. Thank you so much in advance. Sorry the pictures of Fletcher are a bit graphic.

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