Hi, my name is Fido! I am a quiet lovable little boy! My previous owner has passed away and I was left alone for a long time till I could legally be released. I really loved being with my old human. Even though I did lose my previous owner, I am ready to love my new human. Here are some things my foster Mom and Dad have noticed while taking care of me till you take me home. I like shorter walks as my paws get pretty cold in the snow. I am friendly with other people especially when I get lots of loves and cuddles. I am scared of the dark and sometimes get a little bit confused and tired once it gets dark. I am house trained, whenever I need to go I stare and the door and start moving towards the exit. I am good in a kennel once I am comfortable in the room it is in, I go in quietly. And during the day I am very low energy and I like to lay around. If I pull on our walks it is because I just love life and want to smell and meet everything I see. I am not very treat motivated I much prefer love. You can put my food in my bowl in the morning and I will graze all day eating when I’m hungry. I am an interesting mix of trained and not trained. I know to do my business outside and will go in a kennel. But I don’t know my name and I don’t seem to know any fun party tricks yet. But it isn’t to late for me…. I’m still pretty young. As I am a mixed with training I am also a real mixed breed. My bio says I’m a Jack Russell X.  I’ve got what looks to be like a Corgi and American Staffordshire Terrier in my heritage.

Things I like: -Head & Belly Rubs -I love children
Things I don’t mind: -The sound of a vacuum
Things I don’t like: -The sound of hair dryers -Being left alone in my crate I will still be quiet but I tend to resist going in for a bit because I get lonely.

From what my foster mom and dad have observed I would be a good fit for any family or individual, young or old, small apartment or farm life.

Age: 2 year
Breed: Jack Russel X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: November 2018

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