WHARF Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to adopt an animal from WHARF?

Puppies (10 weeks to 1 year) - $400
Dogs (over 25lbs) - $350
Dogs (under 25lbs) - $350
Cats - $180
Kittens (10 weeks to 1 year) - $200
Small Animals - $60

What is included in the adoption fee?

All of WHARF’s animals have been vet checked to make sure they are healthy for adoption. Also, all of our animals will be neutered/spayed excluding our small animals. Puppies and kittens will be neutered/spayed as soon as they turn 10 weeks old. Our animals will be vaccinated and de-wormed; if they are adopted out before their booster is due the adoptive parent is responsible for completing the rest of the course of vaccinations. Any vet bills incurred on the animal after the adoption process is the responsibilty of the new owner.
Deliveries of adoptions can be arranged.

How do I surrender my animal?

Please contact WHARF to surrender your animal under our contacts page.

What is the individual surrender fee for personal surrenders?

Unaltered Dogs - $350
Altered Dogs - $175
Unaltered Cats - $180
ALtered Cats - $90
Kittens - depending on litter
Small Animals - $30
The surrender fee covers some of the costs incurred while the animal is in care.

What does WHARf require? How can I donate?

Items WHARF animals can use:

Please contact WHARF to arrange a donation, pick-ups will be provided.

What happens to animals that have been in care for a long time?

WHARF is a no-kill animal rescue. It doesn’t matter if the adoptable animal is in care for 2 months or 7 months the animal will be in care until he/she is adopted out. Euthanasia is only ever used if it is recommended by a veterinarian.