Hi! My name is Eevee, and I am a big dog with a big heart! I love my owners and their family fiercely, but am very unsure about strangers (especially big tall men and people hiding their faces with hats!). My owners say that I am the biggest goof, and that I need more space to run and have fun outdoors! They love me very much, but can’t afford their big home in Edmonton anymore, and can’t take me to their new home in Whitecourt. I am a bit special in that I have had some bad run-ins with other dogs, and I do not do well with other dogs at all. I am living with my foster sister Molly and have learned to get along with her, but Molly and I aren’t very good friends and sometimes I still get angry with her around my food and try to pin her. I think most dogs will hurt me, and I am very protective around my food and my Mom. I have been trained to wait for my Mom to say OK before I eat, so I know they my owners are in charge of my food and don’t mind if they touch or take my food away. I need a home that is dog and cat free. However, I do get along very well with kids and love to play with them and make them giggle! Although I like to run, my favorite activity is just a nice long walk somewhere safe without a lot of other dogs and strange people. I am very well trained on a leash, and don’t really pull at all. I am a smart dog and have trained my owners to let me outside when I need to go pee, and to let me back in when I knock! I also show them where the treat drawer is when they forget, and can be easily trained to do lots of cool tricks! I am usually good in my crate, and would prefer to be an indoor dog (even though I have lots of fur) since I am so fond of my family, and have not gotten used to staying outside in the cold. If you choose to bring me home, I will give you lots of couch cuddles and entertainment with my silly nature and endless requests for belly rubs!

Age: 1 year
Breed: Husky X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: December 2018

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