This fine fellow is the Sam Elliott of Coonhounds: older, yes, but devilishly handsome in a lanky way, and an instant hit with both the men and the ladies. Apart from being irresistibly drawn to kitchen garbage when you’re not home (he’s just being true to his Coonhound nature), he’s a thorough gentleman where food is concerned. He takes tidbits from your hand ever so gently, and he’ll never insist on a treat when you’re handling food: he’ll simply sit at a polite distance and good-naturedly wait to assist you in any way he can. He LOVES to snuggle after a good supper and makes a cute purring noise with his nose when you stroke his fur and his long silky ears. He loves his lovin’ almost as much as he adores a good walk; sometimes he can’t decide between them. However, if you’re not in the mood for either, he’ll understand. Just say, “Cooper, go lie down,” and he’ll retreat to his ‘house’ (crate) or the sofa until you’re finally ready to spend some quality time with him. When it’s time to stretch those long legs, he’s very good on a leash, but if you take him to the dog park you’ll soon find him long-gone, blown in whatever direction the wind and his extra-keen nose take him, and very hard to call back (another Coonhound trait). Enclosed play spaces are definitely best. Back at home, if your household has a lot of people coming and going, you’ll find Cooper an excellent host: he never barks at or jumps on strangers, and doorbells get no reaction from him. His good manners extend to the backyard as well. Even with a chainlink fence and plenty of 2- and 4-legged traffic going by, he rarely barks. He’s happy to ‘speak’ for his treats, though, and he loves a good sing-along if you get him worked up enough; he has a fine singing voice. Cooper’s very good in the car, and he takes his trips to the vet and his groomer like a star–not that he requires much bathing, but his nails can grow very long indeed if they’re not clipped regularly (Coonhounds were bred to climb trees). Since Cooper’s at an age when most humans would be retired, it’s only right that he should live and sleep indoors as much as he wants (he’s fully house trained). He’s been a drifter in the past, and he’s seen more than one owner. Now it’s time for him to settle down and live out his remaining years in comfort and close companionship with the family of his dreams

Age: 10 years
Breed: Coon Hound X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: September 2018
Adoption Fee: $350

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