i’m Coach! I also go by “Hey!”, “Bud”, “Good Boy”, “NO!” and a couple of other names. I love being around people and will jump to make sure you see me. Aside from food, butt scratches are my favourite thing, along with cuddles. Speaking of food, I am not aggressive about it, but I just love it sooo much that I gobble it up before anyone else can come near. I am underweight and am trying to gain as much as I can so this is probably why. I am slightly taller than the counter and have found out that there is a whole world up there that I didn’t know about- why am I not up here more often?! I get scared when you yell at me so I would need a house that is patient and calm when I misinterpret the rules. I don’t know what toys are yet but I love to run and be outside. I’m also unsure how to play properly with dogs so I just stand there and bark until they come over to me, where I will then judge them. I saw a neighbourhood cat the other day and was very curious and interested, but I don’t live with one so my reaction could go either way. I am crate trained and will go in when you ask me to, although I won’t be too happy about it. I will whine for a bit to see if you’ll let me out, but then I settle very nicely until you’re ready for me again. I am housetrained and am good on the leash, coming back once I’m at the end of it to see where we’re headed next. Come visit me today and see just how much love I can give!

Age: 7 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Catahoula X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: October 2020
Adoption Fee: $425

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