Stitch is a quill dog. His quills were so bad that the vet had to shave his whole head. He is oozing puss and having exploding abscesses all day every day, for weeks. Despite this he is the most lovely dog. He is in a house with kids, cats and other dogs. Nothing phases him. He has a long road to recovery but thankfully WHARF is able to tend to his wounds until he is better. If you would like to donate towards Stitch’s care we would really appreciate it!


Brave was found under someone’s deck, all alone. He has been bottle fed by WHARF for many weeks now. WHARF did not think he would live, but he has pulled through! He has neurological issues but WHARF is unsure yet of the full scope of the issue. If you would like to support Brave, please donate!


Caesar is an owner surrender. He is being treated for bladder stones. He had one stuck in his urethra that was causing him to leak urine. This stone was able to be pushed back into the bladder with a catheter. Tomorrow he goes in for surgery to remove the bladder stones. His vet bill amounts will be posted once we know them. If you would like to help out with Caesars vet bills please let us know! He is pending adoption!

Scorch – ADOPTED INTO HEAVEN Current Vet Bill is paid, thanks to you.

January 17th:

It is with great sadness that we announce that Scorch has died. He was not eating, having liver issues and went under anesthetic to try and get a feeding tube put in. He never woke up from the anesthetic.

Everything that was done, was under vet care. The vets at Crestwood made the best choices for Scorch, each step of the way. Thank you for your donations to help Scorch. His bills are expensive and, thanks to you, this will not be a burden on WHARF. We don’t have exact numbers yet but there will not be too much extra over and above his bills. If there is extra it will be applied in memory of Scorch to our other special cases that were treated at Crestwood. Our website talks a lot about their stories and their bills. If you have any question or concerns, please message WHARF.

Rest easy sweet Scorch, may you have no pain on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

January 15: Today a WHARF volunteer was able to check in at Crestwood and take some photos. Scorch is being extremely kind to his care givers despite his level of pain. He is continuing to be stabalized so that he can go under anesthetic. New photos are at the bottom of the post.

January 14th: Scorch is on IV antibiotics and fluids. He is holding on and the team at Crestwood is stabalizing him.

January 13th: Scorch made it through night one. He (hard to say for sure) has been all cleaned up. His paws, one in particular is in very rough shape, it is de-gloved and has very traumatic injury to it. Now that his pain is being managed and he is clean enough to assess what is happening, vets will decide the next steps of treatment.

Tonight we are sharing an upsetting story. A lady contacted WHARF because she had picked up a cat, staggering in the middle of the highway. WHARF has named him Scorch. He appears to have had something poured on him that has caused burns. He has been cleaned up and is receiving care. It is situations like this touch people, because no one can imagine the pain this cat is in, and the fear it must be feeling. If everyone who read this post donated $1 to WHARF then Scorch’s vet bills will be paid. We will update the website’s special cases page with Scorch’s progress.

Jamie – ADOPTED! Current Bill $1381.39

Jamie came into WHARF’s care with an old injury, a shattered pelvis and broken leg. The vet decided the best thing to do was to amputate his leg. He is doing well, he is adjusting to life as a tri-pod doggie. He is a sweet, small (40lb) dog. Right now he is a bit overwhelmed by all of the changes in his life but he will likely settle into a home in no time.

Stella – ADOPTED Current Bill $1508.92

I am adopted but my vet bill is outstanding.

Stella was saved from euthanasia. She had lost her eyesight, had glaucoma and the previous owners felt that she had no quality of life. WHARF took a chance on this sweet dog and took her to the vet. Her eyes were badly damaged and had to be removed. She was already used to being blind so this did not phase her. She has gone on to be adopted but her vet bills are outstanding. Please consider donating to help Stella’s vet bills. Thank you!

Winslet – ADOPTED (My Current Vet Bill is $1397.40)

I am adopted but my vet bill is outstanding.

Winslet was hit by a car after he escaped from his home. Unfortunately the owners could not afford the vet bill so they had to surrender him. WHARF has put a lot of love and care into this dog, please consider helping out with his bill. Thank you! (Warning, photos may be considered graphic). If you can donate $20 that will make a big difference for WHARF so that they can keep helping more dogs like Winslet, that would otherwise be put down.




Denter – ADOPTED (my current vet bill is $1173.02)

Hey everybody, this little guys name is Denter. Denter was a stray living in a northern community in Saskatchewan. We noticed his ear was a bit floppy and he had scabs all over his body, we got him into the vet clinic as soon as possible to be assessed. After getting him under anesthetic the vets did a thorough exam. He had very old trauma to his ear, mouth, testicles and back which they figured was from being attacked by a dog. This was a very long and difficult surgery for Denter and the vets. His ear had tried to heal it self but did not heal in a good way, the vets had to make him a new ear canal. It was full of pus and they also found pieces of a dogs teeth lodged in his ear. His teeth were severely damaged which had to removed, he had lots of scarring on his testicles from dog bites and his scabs were all cleaned up. Denter is in very good spirits despite his major surgeries and horrible past and is recovering great. He is now playing and putting on weight and ready for adoption. If you would like to help out with Denter’s vet bills any donation would be greatly appreciated. He is also up for adoption now and ready for his new home if you are interested in meeting this boy!!! His ear is a little floppy and he doesn’t hear out of it very well but he is still just as cute. Thanks to the Crestwood Vet Clinic Team for fixing this boy up!

Gully – ADOPTED (my current vet bill is $1457.63)

I am adopted but my vet bill is outstanding.

Meet Gully, she is about 10 weeks old and was rushed here after someone found her in Saskatchewan with a very damaged leg. We got Gully to the vet clinic and after assessment the vet came to the conclusion that her leg was unrepairable. This little kitten was booked in for an amputation. Even with a broken leg Gully till purred non-stop and nuzzled her head into your neck. We are happy we got to get this girl the proper care she needed. She is almost fully recovered and ready for adoption. Thank you to the Crestwood Vet Team for helping this girl. Any donations towards gully’s vet care would be greatly appreciated.

Fletcher – ADOPTED (My Current Vet Bill is $4265)

I am adopted but my vet bill is outstanding.

This boy is Fletcher. He’s had a rough start to his life. Hes about 5 months old skin and bones and now an amputee. A lady named Steph helps rescue animals in Saskatchewan and she received a call about a pup that had been laying in a ditch for 5 days. Steph drove out and rescued Fletcher. He had been hit by a car and both front legs were so severely damaged that he dragged himself into the ditch and strived to stay alive hoping someone would help him. He also didn’t eat or drink for 5 days and he was already so skinny and so cold. Steph took him to the nearest vet where they stabilized him until we could find transport. Fletcher couldn’t move his front legs and one leg was shredded and his bones and nerves were exposed. Once we got Fletcher we took him straight to Crestwood vet Clinic. After assessment and x-rays the vets came to the conclusion one leg had to be amputated as his bone was too exposed and he had broken his humerus bone. It was unfixable. His other front leg had a fracture but luckily for Fletch it could be fixed. He went into surgery and it went really well. He is now in recovery and being very well taken care of. We have a lot of thank yous that all helped in Fletchers rescue. Steph, Kathy, all the staff at Crestwood Vet and Lisa – Fletchers foster home. His recovery is going to be a long one but well worth it. We will post updates as they come in. If you would like to help out with Fletchers vet bills it would be greatly appreciated. You can donate through our Facebook, paypal on our website or e-transfer. Thank you so much in advance. Sorry the pictures of Fletcher are a bit graphic.