I am adopted!

Hi Sorry for not getting back to you sooner she is doing really well she pretty much owns the house. She is the boss over 2 dogs and 18 chickens as well as 5 humans. She has grown into a very beautiful spoiled little girl. Thank you for doing what you do if ever there comes a time when we would like to adopt again we will be in contact with you. Thanks Margo & Fiona 🙂




I am adopted!

Cindy (now ‘Java’) is doing awesome 🙂 She’s the biggest suck in the world and would do just about anything for a cuddle (including hang around our toddler). She’s amazing with our son and they’ve become good buddies already. Java always follows us into Isaac’s room in the morning when we go to let him out of his crib. Isaac’s first words are often “Cuddle Java” because he’s so crazy about her. We are constantly needing to tell him to be nice to her because she’s so patient she’ll just let him pull her fur or follow her around trying to cuddle her (which looks more like a ‘head-lock’ somedays). We love that she’s so calm and patient with our high-energy chihuahua, Otto. It took a few days for them to make peace, but now we’ve started catching them playing together! Otto is crated when we are out and Java is allowed to stay loose but it’s so cute to see their excitement when I let them out together when we get home. Java has given us a few scares with taking off on us, but is becoming more reliable at responding to her name and we’ve successfully had her off-leash on a few walks. She is not without her quirks, however… For the first bit she dutifully buried every toy or treat she got and has developed a nasty habit of jumping up on the kitchen table to finish any food left there when nobody is in the room. While this has been aggravating for us at times, Java responds really well to corrections so we are hopeful that she’ll figure out this isn’t cool pretty quickly. Otherwise, she is the world’s best dog and we are so happy with our decision to adopt! Thank you for all of your help! Sincerely, The Pruski family


I am adopted!

Emma is now known as Lily, as our Dogs name is Emma and we thought it would be a bit confusing. Lily and our Dog are best of friends, they even sleep together, not often is one found without the other. Lily is most unusual about the places she finds to sleep, and often sets my three year old into a fit of laughter. Her most memorable place was in the elevator of the fisher price toy garage, as I panic that she has somehow got herself stuck call in my husband to help, she calmly wakes up gets herself out and walks away. She chases toys cars, and bats them back to my boys, and my one year old has even taken to meowing every time she comes near. She is a cute, curious, cuddly cat, who brings lots of joy into our house, and I am very grateful you help bring her into our lives. Awesome organization!


I am adopted!

Inara is doing very well, she and the dog are getting along great. She’s grown so much! She seems very happy, and loves everyone who comes over. She really enjoys waking me up every morning when she is hungry by purring loudly in my ear and cleaning my face….


I am adopted! 2009

Hi Tessa, I’m sorry I took so darn long to ever email you regarding “Becky’s” adoption. We got her from you in July of 2009 and absolutely love her to pieces. We renamed her Pebbles and she’s as spunky as ever. Thank you again for taking such good care of her, we love her with all of our heart. We might be looking at adopting another kitten so she can have a friend (we kick ourselves for not adopting two in the first place!) in the spring or next fall. I’ll keep my eyes peeled on you Wharf’s adoption page J Leanne Lamane


I am adopted!

Hi Tessa! Casey is doing excellent!! He, Ches(our cat) do not really get along…but that is because of Ches…he is jealous!! Casey is great!! he has lost weight, has his pom coat back and is happy and healthy!!! Sorry about being so late with this update… Included are some current pics…. Sincerely, Gina