This grade quarter horse was pulled out of the Tofield sale , she was running through for meat. Her baby was pulled probably just before the sale as she is very fill of milk. She is around 8 yrs old and very friendly. As you can see from the pictures she has a very bad outside quarter crack on her left hind leg. It is definitely affecting her soundness. Luckily we have an amazing farrier that will help us take care of it. She should be sound very soon. She will be getting her dental and vet check and vaccines as well. We will have to keep this pretty mare in care for a while due to the state of this hoof. Once she is sound we will be able to send her for training to find out if she is and can be broke under saddle. We are looking for sponsors for our horses to help us help them on their way to recovery. It is very important to our rescue to not only make her sound but also to help her if possible become the best that she can be. Please help us by signing up to donate monthly on her behalf. This will help with daily/monthly costs as well as vet care. Donations can be made to

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