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  1. Really like the look of this beautiful dog. We are seniors with a acreage for her to have fun on. We recently lost our dog and miss having a dog around. The place seems empty without one. We want a dog that will be in the house with us and outside with us doing what dogs do. We had our dog trained to stay at home. There will be lots of belly rubs and spoiling. Does she need a special diet for her skin condition? Our last two dogs we had for 14 years (german shepherd) and 9 (rescue mix). Look forward to a meet and greet.

    1. Have you applied? If you apply it will get you in touch with her foster mom. It sounds like you would be a great fit!

  2. Went for a meet and greet today, we are so happy with our Cali. Page is a great person and made us feel so welcome. Any questions we had were answered, we took her home with us. So far today we have played ball had a nice ride in the truck and explored the acreage. Ate lunch too and lots of water and treats. Thanks for the great dog we will do our best to see she feels at home here.

    1. Great to hear! Cali deserves a loving home and it sounds like she has found it! Thank you for choosing her!

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