Caesar – My current vet bill is $4641.80 (I am adopted but my vet bill is outstanding)

My name is Caesar and I am a big goof and I’m pretty sure I was brought here to just put a smile on peoples faces. I was a surrender due to my family not being able to afford my vet care. I came into the Emergency Clinic because I was leaking pee so they called WHARF and they rushed me to their vet clinic. I couldn’t pee, my bladder was so full and it was too uncomfortable to lay down or sit properly. I spent about 2 weeks in the clinic in and out of surgery, getting a ton of meds and special care and a ton of baths. I had around 26 bladder stones stuck in my urethra and bladder. I took two surgeries to remove them all but since I was blocked for so long my urethra was inflamed and stretched out so we had to wait for my body to heal everything an go back to normal size. I was in so much pain that I refused to eat so the vet clinic was buying me roasted chickens. Who could refuse that. I am now on my last round of antibiotics for a bladder infection and then I will be all ready and never have to have this happen again. This is quite common in certain breeds and this could have been preventable if my owners would have just neutered me. Now about me! I am a gigantic dog that is so happy and all I want is to be around people. I follow you everywhere and bump you and rub up against you just to get your attention. I’m kinda like a gigantic cat. I am great with cats kids and dogs. I love to talk but only in play time. I am really funny and will always make your days so much better. I am house trained and kennel trained.d I am very well behaved in the house but I really like food so just make sure your counters are clear. I am neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tattooed. Come and meet me!

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