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  1. I was the person who was extremely blessed with the privilege to adopt “Cadbury” who is now Romeo, he initially was extremely traumatized and wouldn’t leave my bed to go anywhere without needing to be picked up and carried for months; he was unable to let go of being entirely afraid of everything and anything. When I got him his neck was torn apart and healing from his prior situation. For the first four days after I adopted him his tail wouldn’t come out from inbetween his legs. It took months to rehabilitate him into the dog he is today and the experience and time I’ve had with him so far has been nothing less then absolutely amazing. I love him with my whole heart. He used to literally be afraid of his own shadow, or even a single piece of his dog food falling on the floor. He would have serious night terrors that would practically leave him in seizures. I’ve only ever given him patience, love and support and he is now the most loyal, loving, intelligent animal I’ve ever had in my life. He consistently is the best boy and rewards me by being the best dog I’ve ever had in my life. He’s stuck by my side at all times other then when I’m at work and I can’t get enough time with him nonetheless. I can’t explain how grateful I am to the wharf rescue for adopting him to me because I’m his forever owner and he will forever be my best companion. Romeo is and always will be my lover boy.

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