I LOVE PEOPLE! I especially love kids. I would do best in a home where people are around and I am not left on my own. I would likely need a lot of work to be able to stay home alone an be confident. I would be perfect for a family with young kids or a retired person. In my foster home I have very limited time alone.

Since I’ve arrived at the foster home I’ve connected with all of the kids here.  Foster mom can’t even get a picture of me by myself! I was a surrender from a family who could no longer take care of me, they had kids too! I know how to do my business outside, I’ve figured out the routine quickly and my favourite past time is snuggles! I sleep in the crate at night with no crying. I get worried when you leave, foster mom has only left me for three hours, in my crate. I cried when she left but she left the tv on and I didn’t rip up my blankie or anything or chew my way out of the crate. I have medium energy. I am interested in the cat at the foster home. She is a little tempting to chase. I DO listen when mom says NO. The dog who lives here likes to chase the cat so I can’t help but join in the fun. If you have a cat it will need to be a cat who knows how to set boundaries. I walk well on the leash. I’ve never done the leash thing before so it would be best if I was walked on a harness instead of a collar pulling at my neck. Even when the harness pulls at my chest I make lots of coughing noises and pretend like I am choking so mom will take me off the leash. She hasn’t fallen for it yet. Once we get going and I stop being so dramatic I am a nice walker. I zig-zag a little but mom says we will work on it. One of my eyes is cloudy. I went to the vet and they said it isn’t glaucoma, it isn’t a tear duct issue, I don’t have pressure issues with my eye but it could be an old corneal ulcer that didn’t get treated. They said it will likely be like this forever. It doesn’t bother me though! Check out Shauna’s Foster Dog Family page on Facebook for more updates and photos!

Age: 5 years
Breed: Lab X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: November 2018

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