Meet Boomerang, he is one of our newest additions to the Lame and Tame Sanctuary. Boomerang, a 7 year old pony, came to us from a family that had him for over a year and half. He was living in a dirt pen with what seemed like too many other animals in it with overgrown hooves and a very ulcerated eye. They claimed they were treating his damaged eye but that it was not getting better. They did not take him to the vet they went up on themselves to self medicate with Diaper rash cream. They were rubbing it right on his ulcerated eye. It was making his eye so itchy and he ended up rubbing all the fur off around the eye and did permanent damage to the tissue around his ear. Boomerang has been with us for just over a week and he has been vet checked, had an eye removal, been dewormed, gets brushed and we are slowly working on trimming his feet so he can walk normally again. He already seems less scared and loves being on pasture with green grass, we can’t wait to let him out to play with the other horses. Updates will be posted with his recovery. The pink cream over his eye is so the flies don’t bug his surgery sight.

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