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  1. YAY I am so Happy For Bones

    I was keeping an eye on him as I am hoping to adopt in the next month. I had my Boy “Roloson” ( Tabby ) for over 13 year, HE was the best cuddly cat in the world, Purred like a dump truck and loved all kinds of rubs and Love as long as I was touching him. I had Jane ( His companion) for 7 Years ( Grey Russian?) from the SPCA She passed away due to mega colon a couple years ago.

    Currently I have a Wonderful high energy pup he has just turned 2 year old. but I am going through Cat love withdrawals. Looking for a Female preferred ( Only because I need to even out the testosterone in the house) Solid black or Orange. But in all honesty coloring is of little importance and just looking for the perfect match

    1. Have you seen Cherry and Ruby? They are two special sisters who orange and quite petite. They are both great with dogs too! If you are looking for a single cat, Flash is very very cuddly and loving. Stop by our location to find the perfect match for you!

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