THANK YOU WHARF COMMUNITY! Thanks to you we were able to raise $10000 for this dog to have her back surgery. She is walking and feeling well. She is truly a fighter!


This is Bessie and she needs our help. Her back is broken and she needs immediate surgery. She has fractured her L7 vertebrae and needs it rebuilt. Unfortunately very few vet clinics are capable of performing this surgery. The university of Saskatoon has offered to provide the necessary surgery however it does not come cheap. 

Bessie has experienced a very unnecessarily painful week. Her previous owner allowed her to suffer through the pain of a broken back for 5 days before bringing her to a vet. She could barely move her legs and was unable to walk. She was left laying in so much urine and feces that she had scalding on her rear end and all down her legs. When her previous human finally got her to a vet they had to dose her on pain meds before lifting her out of the vehicle. Bessie had not even been given a name by her human and was referred to as “dog”. The vet clinic refused euthanasia because of how sweet she seemed so they ask the owner to surrender her to a rescue. We got a call, picked her up, and immediately drove her to our vet. 

Bessie has remained at our vet for the last two days and will be driven out to Saskatoon Friday morning. The surgery alone has been quoted at over $5000 not including her pre and post surgery vet care. As a volunteer run rescue this is a huge bill for us. We currently sit at just over 5000 likes on our Facebook page, if everyone were to donate just $1 we would be able to provide Bessie with the necessary surgery. She did not deserve this, but we have the means to help. 

Please take the time to share this post and if it is within your means to donate either through our Facebook page or on our website

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    1. Bessie is scheduled for surgery this week! She is being cared for at Crestwood vet until surgery happens.

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