Hello! My name is Bear. I’m pretty sure my humans named me bear because when I came to them I had a huge fluffy coat and I could have passed for a tiny black bear cub. But, since then I’ve gotten a nice clean up and am looking more like a teddy bear. My coat will need some upkeep through occasional trips to the groomers and weekly brushing if you want to keep me looking good. I am a big fan of food, and even though I’m shy around people I may pay you a visit if you have tasty snacks! I am probably going to be pretty huge, because I’m already large for my age. I like other dogs, and I’ve never met a cat, but I would probably end up liking them. I think I would do best in a home with another dog, because watching them teaches me that humans aren’t so bad and that I get lots of good things if I come when I’m called!

Age: 3 months
Breed: Newfoundland X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: April 2019
Adoption Fee: $450

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