Ayla and Ava are purebred Shepherds They are siblings and until coming to WHARF they were living together as a bonded pair. As that might sound magical and lovely it is actually the worst thing you can do to a puppy. Puppies need to socialize with people.and learn from well rounded adult dogs. When puppies are kept together they bond first with each other. This makes it harder for them to form bonds with other people and dogs. This is why we separated them immediately and they are not available for adoption together. Ayla is so friendly, almost too friendly. If she could sit on your shoulder all day I’m sure she would. She jumps up a lot and is high energy compared to her sister. She is great with other dogs and has been around cats with no issues. She is eager and willing to please but needs lots of positive support and training to excel and I’m sure she will as she is constantly looking for approval. She is kennel trained almost too well, I think she was kenneled a lot. House trained but no basics and no leash training. WHARF would like both dogs to go to a home with Shepherd experience or another Shepherd. They are good around the kids but I think since they both need work in different area, a home without kids that can focus a bit more on getting them training wise where they need to be would be better. Please call WHARF if you have questions about Ayla! She is spayed, vaccinated and de-wormed.

Age:11 months
Breed: German Shepherd X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: December 2018
Adoption Fee: $450

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