Ayla and Ava are purebred Shepherds They are siblings and until coming to WHARF were living together as a bonded pair. As that might sound magical and lovely it is actually the worst thing you can do to a puppy. Puppies need to socialize with people and learn from well rounded adult dogs. When puppies are kept together they bond first with each other. This makes it harder for them to form bonds with other people and dogs. This is why we separated them immediately and they are not available adoption together. Ava has the same level of training, house training and kenneling as Ayla but is completely different. She is outgoing but more of a thinker. She was a lot more cautious when she first arrived than the sister but fit in easily and gets along with everyone. She has better ground manners and is in general calmer than Ava. She too, I think should go to an experienced home that has some time to put into making her the dog she should be. She is spayed, vaccinated and de-wormed.

Age:11 months
Breed: German Shepherd X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: December 2018
Adoption Fee: $450

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