Apple – Small Dog

I am blind and deaf

Hello I’m Miss Apples. I would be so happy as a purse dog or super amazing for someone to take into the office or shop everyday. Someone with lots of time hang out with me. My foster dad takes me all over in a picnic basket. A basket full of apples. It’s really sturdy so I feel safe and always has a towel from my bed so that it smells like home. This type of thing is very important when you can’t see or hearI’m a very sweet, happy, healthy girl. I came from a puppy mill. I am deaf and I am blind. I need some extra help navigating my world. I’ve spent most my life in a kennel so I’m pretty unfamiliar with most regular doggie things. The grass still freaks me out especially if theres any sort of weather going on. I’m getting used to the yard little by little.

I rely mostly on my nose to get around and sometimes if I wander to far away from my bed I get all turned around and lost. My foster dad has an air freshener right near my bed to help me smell my way back. Even so he finds me lost and stuck in a corner somewhere time to time.

I’m doing a really good job learning to go on puppy pads. My foster home is trying to potty train me with particular smells put on the pads. That way it will be easier to transition to the grass or doggie litter even.

I’m the best snuggle buddy ever! I would even say it’s my number 1 talent. I’m a quiet dog too. Except for my little piggy squeals when someone comes home.

I’m fine with cats and other dogs. I stick to myself and mind my own business. I’m ok with Extremely gentle children. I get scared quite often and I don’t think it would be fair for me to live in somewhere with small children.

2 month update:

I do much more wandering.
I’ve got my morning commute all figured out.
After breakfast in the bathroom if I keep the wall on my right I find stop number 1, the doggie bed in the kitchen, for some pets and a maybe a thorough butt licking.
and If I keep going with the wall on my right, under the coffee table, around behind the couch I’ll get to a little set of doggie stairs. Those take me up to the heating pad on the couch. It’s my favourite spot, I pretty much hang out there all day buried under blankets.
I can get my self good and buried so I’ve been sat on once or twice but I’m a very good sport.

Still working on Where exactly to pee but I’ve totally got the When down. I don’t pee my kennel in the night anymore so now I’m allowed to sleep on the bed.

Still not a fan of the outdoors in general but the porch is ok, I’m content sitting on my bed in the shade while my foster dad gardens.

This is a WHARF dog named Apples who was used by a breeder and dumped when she could no longer have puppies. She is blind and deaf and came into WHARF severely matted. She is doing well in foster care and absolutely adores her foster dad!

Posted by Shauna's Foster Dog Family on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Age: 8 years
Breed: Mini Aussie X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: May 2019
Adoption Fee: $350

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