If you adopt Anton you can read him Fox in Socks every night!

Hi there! My name is Anton and people say I look pretty “foxy.” I have beautiful reddish colouration and a little bit of a wild side. Don’t let that fool you though, because I am extremely respectful and mellow. I never jump on furniture and when I’m ready for bed I take my self to the kennel for a good snooze. If you like adventures I think I’d be a good dog for you, I am strong and sturdy but respect my leash and my people. Because of my thick winter coat, I handle the elements well and can accompany you in the outdoors. However, I still have strong doggy instincts and can’t be around small animals other than dogs, especially cats! I hope I get the chance to walk next to you soon! – Anton

Age: 1 year
Breed: Shepherd X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: August 2019
Adoption Fee: $400
Weight: 63lbs

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